Ear Microsuction

Clinics Days
Mondays all day – Clinician Dr Carl Bergh

Dr Carl Bergh is a GP and provides the very much needed service of Ear Microsuction for the patients of Uttlesford and West Essex who cannot tolerate Ear Irrigation. This service is provided from Nuffield House Surgery in Harlow.

*NEW Epping Forest Ear Microsuction service commencing in January 2023*

Conditions Covered

Earwax totally occluding the ear canal and any of the following are present:

  • Hearing loss
  • Earache
  • Tinnitus

The tympanic membrane is obscured by wax but needs to be viewed to establish a diagnosis.

Hearing aid wearers, if wax is present and an impression needs to be taken of the ear canal for a mould, or if wax is causing the hearing aid to whistle.

Ear drops have been unsuccessful and irrigation is contraindicated.

Significant symptoms due to ear wax build up including hearing loss or pain

Previous complications following ear irrigation including perforation of the ear drum, severe pain, deafness, or vertigo.

A recent history of Otalgia and / or middle ear infection (in the past 6 weeks.)

A past history of ear surgery.

Conditions Not Covered

Patients under the age of 16.

Foreign body in ear.

Patients with suspected cancer.

Suspected cancer of the ear.